Frequently asked questions

Do you offer anything Grain free?

Currently we do not have a grain free option but we know that lots of dogs require a grain free diet and our team are working to develop new products which meet this requirement so watch this space!

What about Gluten free?

Currently we do not have a gluten free option but we know that lots of dogs require a gluten free diet and our team are working to develop new products which meet this requirement so watch this space!

My dog has dietary issues, would you recommend your treats for my dog?

Our treats are prepared with fresh, high quality human grade ingredients. They are only recommended as a treat and are not intended to substitute a dogs normal diet. We recommend that you consult a vet if you are unsure about feeding our treats.

My dog prefers meat, why don’t you use it in the ingredients?

We appreciate that many dogs love meat, fish and dairy. We produce treats which provide them with an alternative option which harnesses the goodness of fruit, vegetables, herbs and spices which can promote and support health in dogs whilst still providing them with a tasty and wholesome treat.

How should I feed the treats to my dog?

All of our edible products are intended as complementary food and as such we recommend that they are given as treats to your dog in small quantities as part of a balanced diet. We also recommend that they should be given to dogs and puppies over the age of six-months old. If you have any concerns about giving your dog any of our treats, please check with your vet first.

How should the treats be stored?

All of our treats should be stored in a cool, dark place or in line with the directions on the label. Most of our treats can be frozen.

How long will the treats last?

All of our treats indicate a Best Before date on the label and it is recommended that this is followed. The shelf life of our products vary due to the nature of the fresh ingredients contained within them. Please refer to product descriptions for further information and guidance on individual products.

What does human-grade mean?

All of the ingredients we use in our dog treats are ingredients which would also be used in baking or cooking for humans and are of the highest quality. All of our treats are entirely edible by humans as well as dogs should you want to join them for a snack!

What formal checks are in place for the manufacture of dog treats?

Our manufacturing processes and premises have been fully inspected and approved by council Trading Standards who have also checked and approved our labelling and provided us with a trading standards number.

Our products have been analysed by two laboratories to confirm composition, analytical constituents and to confirm shelf life. Any new products which are created by our team will be submitted to a laboratory for the same testing to ensure that we provide your dogs with fully tested and regulated recipes.



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