Dog Blog 1 - Quest for delectable dog treats

Updated: Oct 8, 2019

Hello humans!

My name is Tilly. Well, my full and proper name is Tilly Bluebell.

I like to spend my days lounging in the sun, running on the beach, playing in rock pools, chasing my ball and eating. It is a very hard life.

I nearly have my humans trained to cater to my every whim but sometimes they step out of line and require some re-training. It seems to be endless. They are not the most intelligent creatures.

My humans have been busy lately. They keep baking the most amazing smelling dog treats and dog cakes in my kitchen. It smells like their food but I get to eat it – I have never been so lucky. They are packed full of fruit, vegetables, herbs and spices too so I always feel like such a healthy dog after I have eaten them! Usually I have to give them my best ‘puppy’ eyes or do lots of spinning, rolling over and handing them my paw to get their food. For some reason, I no longer need to will them, lick my lips or point using only my eyes (which is very hard to do and they are very slow on the uptake) to get food. They are calling me in to the kitchen and handing me delicious treats without any effort on my part. I am confused.

They also eat the treats themselves. I don’t understand whose food it is but to be honest, I don’t care as long as I continue getting it.

This strange turn of events doesn’t happen each time they bake though. Sometimes they create all these amazing smells in the kitchen, I pop in ready to receive my share, but instead, they whisk them away and put them in pretty little gift bags and take them out.

I have to find out which lucky dog is getting them. I sincerely hope they do not have another dog that they are planning to bring back to share my house!

Anyway, back to the treats. I LOVE them. They have great flavours and each has a different texture. I can’t eat them quick enough. One day I even got a tiny little cake. Must have been a special day or something as the humans all broke out in to a song which was weird…something about a happy dog birthday.....?

Long may this continue though. The house smells lovely every day. I would be quite happy sitting in the sun and having the treats hand fed to me but the humans insist on taking me out for walks – even in the rain! Crazy!

Well that’s enough from me for now but I had to share the news about the delicious, healthy, natural dog treats which my humans are baking.

I’ll be back. Until next time

Tilly Bluebell.

P.S – If you hear anything about this other dog who is receiving beautifully packaged versions of my treats – please get in touch!




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