Dog Blog 2 - Superfoods for dogs

Updated: Oct 8, 2019

Hello again humans,

I love my ball. I cannot tell you how much I love it. I maybe love it more than daddy human.

In fact, I have about 10 balls but I love them all and would like to collect more. I don’t even mind them when I’ve chewed them a bit too vigorously and burst them. I still chew them some more, and dribble with them, and throw them, and catch them. I love them.

But anyway, daddy human says as I’m getting older now if I’m going to run around like an idiot (his words) after my ball, then I need to protect my joints. He said that there is a superfood that I can eat which will help. He gave me it in a delicious ‘love your mutt’ biscuit. They were so tasty. Sweet potato and this amazing extra virgin coconut oil. It made me lick my chops for ages afterwards, and all of my face and my nose too. It was so tasty.

So I’m here to tell you that coconut oil is not only so tasty, but it is apparently very good for us dogs.

It is made up of fats but they are good fats. These fats help support my immune system and improve my digestion and help my skin and coat health. All in all a pretty good, super tasty treat.

It gets better too. Coconut oil gives me a burst of energy so that I can chase my ball, thus enhancing my athletic prowess (I take this stuff seriously you know) and aiding weight loss. It’s super for my joints too.

Daddy human says it is anti-fungal, antibacterial and antiviral so helps keep me healthy. Just as well with some of the places I stick my nose and the humans don’t even know half of the things I eat when I’m out and about and they aren’t looking! I don’t understand half of what he says but I believe it helps protect me from illness.

Here’s the important bit though, we dogs only need a small amount per day and we need to start off with a small amount and build up slowly. Luckily the ‘love your mutts’ biscuits that I eat only have a small amount in each biscuit. Just enough to get the health benefits without me having diarrhea. That means I can eat one per day of these delicious biscuits.

This photo is my good friend Blossom enjoying a Love YourMutt sweet potato and coconut dog treat in the sunshine. Enjoy it Blossom!

I’m very pleased with what I’ve learnt today and I’ll be back with more exciting snippets of information again soon. Until then, I’ll be in the garden with my ball……..

Tilly bluebell (woof woof)




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